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Every now and then things need freshening up don’t they, clothes, kids, blogs!  I understand that those of you who already read my blog will expect it to be fashion filled, but it’s always good to throw a curve ball in the mix and that’s what I plan on doing once a month.  Instead of my Monday Musings the first Monday in every month (if I can persuade enough people) I will now feature a Monday Muse, someone really inspiring to me and hopefully to you guys too.

This is my first Monday Muse and I have a real gem for you.  I came across Nic from This Girl Can Organise when I was having a good old gossip with one half of Smith & Webb (the Webb half) at a kids party.  We were putting the world to rights on all manor of topics and meeting people from social media IRL was one of the things that came up, Chloe turned and said to me “You know who you need to meet, TGCO”, and I can confirm she was absolutely right.

Nic is one of those people who you feel like you’ve known forever when you only met 5 minutes ago.  Not only is she a really genuine, kind, clever and gorgeous person, she is a life organising extraordinaire, who embraced a change in her life to create TGCO.  She was lovely enough to meet with me and answer a few quick question about how This Girl Can Organise came to life, whilst also sharing some of her top tips with me to pass on to you.

You left your full-time job to go full-time TGCO, how did that feel?

Actually I was made redundant from my job in the City in December 2016 and used that as an opportunity to start TGCO in April 2017 after 3 months gardening leave.  I was always a great organiser, in my friendship group I was always the one planning nights out, or group holidays and loved nothing better than helping friends have a sort out.  I never knew how to turn that passion into a job, but with instagram I started to show before and after pictures of my own tidying/decluttering, added fun quotes and of course used stories to show what the organising entailed, things kind of just went from there.

When was it that you realised there was a gap in the marketing for TGCO?

I was networking a lot and attended a Mothers Meeting in London.  At that event my page flashed up during question time and I knew that was my time to really grab the panels attention.  Amazingly they started quizzing me about what I was doing and how I was doing it and it was a real lightbulb moment for me – I knew there was a gap for my skills then.

What is the most common area people ask for help with when they get in touch?

It can be anything really, a kitchen, their wardrobe, the whole house!  It doesn’t matter, it’s just that they’ve come to a realisation that they need help with some form of organisation in their life, and it’s too overwhelming for just them, or them and a partner to deal with.  We’re encouraged to buy and love buying all the time,  but not everyone can deal with organising their belongings.  People get very sentimental over items like coffee cups that they’ve had for 20 years, finding it hard to let go of them, even if they just bought a gorgeous new set and are running out of storage space too!

What’s your favourite room/area to organise?

I do like a wardrobe as I love looking at people’s clothes and style, but I really like a drawer and it can be any drawer not just one with clothing in it.  Wardrobes can look great colour coordinated, on nice hangers etc, but it has to work for the person every day when they need to find an outfit, where as you can make drawers look so beautiful and workable with just a few simple items.

You’re a busy working mum of two, so what is your no1 TGCO tip for getting out of the house in the morning?

That’s easy – making the beds!  There is something about making that beds that sends you out the house on a positive.  It makes the rooms look put together and is lovely to walk back into at the end of the day.


Do the kids take after you with your organisational skills?

My eldest is 14 and she is very organised.  She works to her own routine and is actually a really good planner.  My little one is 10 and likes to do things her way!  I do a lot for the girls but it’s important they learn a sense of responsibility, so once the clean washing is folded I pop it on their beds for them to tidy away.  The eldest will get straight on it, the little one will leave it and leave it, and leave it!

Where are your favourite places to shop for organisational goodies?

There are two places I love, the first is Home Bargains and there are three aisles in my local branch I head to without fail – every visit.  The second favourite is HomeSense, if you’ve ever been in TK Maxx it’s their dedicated homeware store.

Lastly, what are your top TGCO tips for anyone looking to brush up on their organisational skills?

You know what they say, ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’, so I do like to do a weekly plan.  Sunday’s are great for planning the food shopping, meal ideas, childcare solutions.  I like to write things down in a notepad that I keep next to my bed,  but it doesn’t matter if you prefer a list on your phone or a spread sheet.

It’s also helpful to plan clothing the night before to help avoid the morning panic, especially for the kids.  It’s also a great way to get them involved and give them a little responsibility.

So, if you want to know more about how Nic works check or see her in action out her TGCO website or find her on Instagram where she is hilarious on stories, but you can also be nosey and see some great client before and after declutters.  I defy you not to want to do your bathroom drawers/cabinet after seeing her squares.

I hope you enjoyed my first Monday Muse, it’s lovely to hear any comments from you guys so don’t be shy.

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