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Hello December and the first Monday of the last month in 2018…eek! Which can only mean one thing, I’m bringing you another Monday Muse. I had such a great response to the first muse blog (thank you, it’s really nice to see you reading what I babble about) so I know you’re going to love this one.  Let me introduce you to Jess from Bohemian Bond, a magical make-up artist who lives between London and Ibiza where she makes beautiful brides even more beautiful on their special day.  On top of that she’s a mum to her tribe of four (yes four) cool kids.  I asked her a few questions about her supercool boho wardrobe, her busy family life and for her top beauty/make up tips.

You’re a busy mum of 4 (5 if you count the dog) what are your go-to beauty or make-up products for a busy mum who is short on time?  Tan Luxe overnight sleep oil makes me look alive even if I’m not feeling it, which also means I can get away with no makeup on the school run. I don’t often get time to have a proper manicure so I keep a natural coloured nail polish next to my bed, then when they start to chip I can give them a quick coat before anyone notices.


Winter is here, are there any key looks that have caught your eye?  I’m nightmare, I’m a complete impulse buyer and there’s no planning or forward thinking with me.  It’s all about what catches my eye when I’m out at the shops or browsing online, what’s most important is how an outfit makes me feel when I put it on.

What’s the one beauty product you buy without fail when you’re passing though duty free?  Ohhh I’m a sucker for duty free.  When I’m at the airport it’s usually to head off on a make-up job, so I’m always looking for new products to test.  Mascara is usually the one product I am drawn to and constantly over buy!!

You have a beautiful bohemian wardrobe and wear it so well, but what else do you reach for in the morning?  If I had enough versatile maxi dresses and skirts that I could wear all winter long I would.  Although it’s not an outfit that always works when I’m walking the dog or standing on the sideline of the football pitch.

 What’s the one item you have on your shopping list this AW?  I can’t help but buy party dresses!  I know I should invest in jeans and a warm jacket but I find it much more exciting looking at the Freepeople website and buying a pretty dress that will probably just sit in my wardrobe until it’s needed.

 You looked super stylish throughout your pregnancies, what brands or items of clothing were your maternity style saviours?  ASOS was the go to for maternity clothes during my last pregnancy. I’m also lucky that most of my day to day skirts and dresses are loose fitting, so I managed squeeze in the bump without having to change my style too much.

 Your kids always look fabulous and have their own individual style. Where do you/they like to shop for cool kids clothes?  Maisie is now 13 and loving Topshop and ASOS.  I’m so pleased she has found her own cool little style.  Betsy Boo is a free spirited little chick and would live barefoot in a maxi if she had it her way, she seems to collect dresses while we are on holiday, mostly at markets and little boutiques.  Albie is a cool little fella, I love River Island for him and my little Doll is a mix of River Island, market buys and our own little lace line, Bohemian Bond (more coming soon).

 You’ve been living in Ibiza for the last few years, what insiders tips can you give on where to shop when not soaking up the sun?  There are soo many great little boutiques on the island, must visits are Sluiz, Los Otros, La Galeria Elefante and La Collective stock Maisie’s customised denim jackets, so look out for them when visiting.  Also Las Dalias market is a must.

Living in the sunshine must mean swimwear is an important part of your wardrobe. What are your favourite swimwear brands?  Again I’m such an ASOS or Topshop girl, I’m a little over spending a fortune on swimwear especially with 4 kids. But, Love Stories had amazing pop in Ibiza this season so I did treat myself and it was a purchase I loved wearing all summer.

Lastly, you’re off on a girls weekend and only have hand luggage.  What essentials do you squeeze in your bag (fashion, beauty, food, drinks)?  Hahah!  Firstly I would probably moan and say no bloody way, I’ll pay extra for a case mainly because I’m soo unorganised.  I feel like you should to plan your outfits pre trip, which I’m useless at, but if I really had to then I would pack the bioderma face wipes and Kevin Murphy travel size hair products with me.  A bottle of peach bellini from M&S, I think they also have them in mini bottles too.  I’m also a chocaholic and think that calories don’t count mid air, it’s amazing what I will eat while flying!!

You can find Jess and her lovely little tribe on Instagram or if you’re a Mrs in the making, getting married in Ibiza next year and looking for some boho bride, hair and beauty inspiration check out her make up artist account here.

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