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Happy New Year people!
We say it all the time but the years’ really do whizz round don’t they?  Have you decided on any resolutions?  Maybe 2019 is all about the new year, new you?  Quite often people use the start of a new year as the chance to embark on a new fitness/workout routine or maybe it’s just the right time to switch things up if you’re bored of hitting the gym week in week out.  Well if that resinates with you in any way you are going to love my first Monday Muse of 2019!
I’ve always been a bit of a high energy, inferno inducing, aerobic animal, basically the sweatier the better, but had this pull towards adding something a bit more spiritual to my exercise routine, something to flex my emotional well-being as well as my brawn.  I’d been to various yoga and pilates classes but nothing ever quite did it for me, I put that down to my adrenalin workout addiction, that was until I went to a hot yoga class run by Jodie Merrick.
I’ve been attending Jodie’s classes for 5 years on an off (children permitting), her yoga method and teaching ability is like nobody else I’ve ever experienced and that is why she is the perfect Monday Muse to kick off my 2019 blogging with.  I hope you love reading her honest, inspiring answers as much as I did.
1) Firstly, congratulations on a very successful 6 months since the launch of your new studio, can you give us a bit of an insight as to what 2019 might hold for
Thank you, we are so excited about 2019 and it’s already off to a bang with some exciting workshops planned for the first half of the year including a weekend of workshops with the world famous Maya Fiennes in February! We have lots of new classes coming to the new timetable (starting Feb 2019) including Aerial Yoga and Pilates Inferno.  Later in the year we will be running our popular 200hr Teacher Training (f.y.t.t) and launching our 600hr Advanced Teacher Training also.
2) Have you always been a yogi? If not how did you get into yoga and how long have you been practicing?
My yoga journey started at the age of 17, when I was inspired by the likes of Madonna to dip my toe into the world of yoga. I was hooked immediately and soon went on to dance and drama college full time where we had regular yoga and pilates classes as part of our training.  I was  still young though and pretty wild so it wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I really started to practice regularly. I then did my first 200hr Teacher Training in 2005 with my dear friend Elena Voyce of Body Primo (now Teach Yoga), I’ve been teaching ever since.
3)Tell us about more about the method. It’s unlike any other yoga classes I’ve ever been to.
Thank you, that’s the aim of the method, for it to feel inspiring, fresh and accessible for all. The reason we picked the name “”  is that ‘fringe’ means ‘ field of study which departs significantly from mainstream or orthodox  theories’.
The method first came into its budding stage in around 2009 when I found myself teaching around 25-30 classes per week, running all over London and Essex struggling to remember my name let alone all the sequences for each class or client.  So I decided I needed an anchor. At the time I was listening a lot to inspirational authors like Anodea Judith and Carolyn Myss about the Chakras, Psychology, Anatomy and Energy.
I have always been fascinated by the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of life and knew there was a way to link my passion of yoga with something deeper but accessible that could also anchor my teaching. At the same sort of time I also started to study Ayurveda and qualified as an Ayurvedic masseuse in Goa in 2006, many of the Eastern Traditions use elements as part of their philosophy; TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) uses their 5 elements, Ayurveda uses the 3 Doshas and the Pagan traditions used the 4 elements of Earth, Water, Fire & Air… I felt particularly drawn to these and soon began to link my knowledge of philosophy, anatomy, energy work and yoga with these four elements…and so the method was born! At the time my company was called Yoga Vibe.
In 2011 I opened my first studio with Emma Dilloway and the method was the only thing I taught there, four years later I met Raquelle Gracie and together we opened the first studio at Redrick’s Lake, Sawbridgeworth. In 2016 to mark 10 years of my teaching we launched the Teacher Training programme and Raquelle (who is a very talented singer-songwriter) wrote original tracks for each of the Elements and now the method is taught by over 45 teachers.
4) You are mum to a beautiful little girl (Dolly) who is 6. How do you balance being a busy mum whilst running a successful business, and is Dolly a yogi in the making?
I’ll be honest, balancing life as a single mum and a business owner is not easy, I am constantly trying to be all the roles and I think in general we all put too much pressure on ourselves nowadays to be (or at least project) “perfect”.
I just do the best that I can, I work very long days and usually do a 7 day week but when I am with Dolly I try to carve that time out as our time, step away from my phone and step into her magical world of fairies and unicorns with her.  She is my driving force for everything I do, she understands that mummy has to work late most nights and I’m often at the studio before she’s even up but I try to ensure it’s me who does the school run every day and takes her to her clubs, I rarely get to do bedtime as I’m usually teaching but I thankfully have the most amazing support from my parents without whom none if this would be possible.
And yes, she is a little yogi and she always says when she grows up she wants to be a “yoga teacher like mummy”.
5) What is your favourite flow, yoga position or style of yoga?
My favourite element is currently ‘Air’ but I find it changes with where I’m at mentally, emotionally and energetically.
Favourite pose is handstand and Privritta Parsvakonasana (Revolved Side Angle).
Favourite style… of course!
6) You always look super stylish when teaching, what are the brands you have in your workout wardrobe?
Thank you, that’s a huge compliment coming from someone as stylish as you! My favourite yoga brands are by far local brands Yoguh ( and YogaLeggs (; both of which are available at the Epping Studio.
7) And when you’re not doing headstands what do you like to do to relax?
I love a nice glass of red, a good film or some Game of Thrones, reading, the theatre and dancing.
8) If someone is thinking about trying yoga as their new year resolution, but might be feeling apprehensive about doing something new, what would you say to encourage them to step out of their comfort zone?
Yoga really is for all, at we have styles and classes for beginners, kids, pregnancy, strength, flexibility, nervous system reset, athletes, older people… we are a very welcoming community and we really do offer something for everyone. Why not come and try our 30 Days for £30 Intro Offer and see!
 If you want to know about Jodie’s classes, her studios or the retreats she runs head to

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