To Pierce or not to Pierce

That may be a question you have been asking yourself recently.  I’m partial to a piercing, much to mum and dad’s dismay, mainly dad’s, I’ll never forget asking if I could get my ears pierced only to be answered with, “If you were meant to have holes in your ears you’d have been born with them”, and they probably thought it was a phase I’d grow out of, but at 36 I’ve just had my ninth ear piercing.

Piercings are definitely having a very grown up moment right now.  Thanks to high profile, celeb piercers such as Maria Tash the standard pierced ear has been elevated to an expertly curated ear, where you can choose unique and beautiful jewellery to further enhance your piercing from day one.  I only have small ears so I’m probably nearing the end of my ear modification journey, but once my latest piercing is healed I’ll be looking for some interesting jewellery to adorn it with.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re contemplating a body piercing;

Many of the images you see on Pinterest, instagram etc are healed piercings. Yes they look beautiful and gorgeous, which is not necessarily how your’s will look when you walk out the shop.

They need aftercare.  That may be in the form of a solution that you can purchase from your piercing studio, or they will give you the measurements and instructions on how to mix your own at home.

Depending on the piercing you are looking at 3-12 weeks healing time, possibly more.

Visit the studio beforehand and have a chat with the team, they won’t think you’re a wimp for not having it done there and then, plus it will give you a chance to look at cleanliness and ask any questions.

Yes it’s going to hurt!  Some places will freeze the area and then you don’t really feel much apart from some tugging.  Everyone’s pain threshold is different but there will be some discomfort and irritation afterwards.

If you’re worried about aggravating ear piercings when you go to sleep I was told by a piercer to buy a bun donut, those ones ladies put in their hair, and put it inside your pillow cover.  Then you can place your ear in the hole and will find it much more comfortable to sleep on the side that’s been pierced.

Make sure you’ve eaten something.  Sometimes low blood sugar can make you feel faint or dizzy when having a piercing so don’t do it on an empty stomach, or after a glass of wine or two!

Still keen to take the piercing plunge?  Well cop an earful (excuse the pun but I couldn’t not) of these beauties on how to take your piercing to the next level.

(All images found via Pinterest and name listed in pic)

Main image Oliver Bonas

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