Monday Musings – With Love

Hello Monday and welcome to this weeks’ musings served with a side dish of love, and by that I really mean it’s Valentine’s Day this week, Thursday to be precise, but instead of writing about the standard valentine’s outfit that consist of sexy but very uncomfortable underwear, I thought I’d show you where your money could be better spent.  How about on an item of clothing that more people are likely to get a glimpse of how fabulous you look whilst wearing it.  It’s still a silky little number, that’s understated, incredibly versatile and not kept to the confines of February 14th wardrobe – the camisole.

Underwear as outerwear is still going strong, so don’t be afraid to go riffling through your underwear drawers to see if you have something that already fits the bill. This little slip of material looks great layered over the top of a thin jersey roll neck – very cool and 90s inspired, but equally it’s perfect for (Valentines) date night with skinny jeans and a beautiful blazer.

This is one of those wardrobe wonders that can range from £8 to £180 (yes really).  The main difference between the two ends of the spending spectrum are obviously the designer name tags and of course the composition (i.e what it’s made of).  At the upper end of the price bracket you are going to be getting 100% silk, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to find reasonably price silk on the high street too.  You may also be paying for extra trims, the cut and silhouette, strap detailing etc, so where you shop and how much you spend really is down to you.

One place I do recommend looking is in the lingerie and sleepwear departments.  In fact in the images below you’ll see the Reiss cami is actually part of a sleep set, but in my opinion it’s far too nice not to see the light of day.

So with no further a do here are a few of my favs from high street to high end….And Happy Valentine’s Day.


(main image Dorothy Perkins now £16.50)

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