Monday Musings

This week’s Monday Musings is a slightly whiffy offering (in a pleasant way you’ll be please to know) as I’m sharing with you my thoughts and findings on sniffing out a new scent.

When I was teenager my dressing table was decked out with bottles of perfumes, remember that blue Cacharel Lou Lou bottle, the Versace Jeans bottles hidden away in a tall tin, and the monochrome exclamation of, well, Coty’s Exclamation!  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who lined them up like trophies, a different smell offering a different memory, period in time or person that had bought it for me, but as I’ve grown up so has my sense of smell, subsequently reducing the size of my perfume collection.

For a long time now I’ve been wearing Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder.  Most people use it as a summer fragrance mainly because the collection would be updated with new additions only available in the summer months, but now you can track it down online if stock is still there, meaning sun lovers like me can wear their favourite summer fragrance all year round.

But it is time to shake my scents up, which is not an easy thing to do unless you’ve hours to spend smelling perfumes in Duty Free, and let’s face it once you’ve smelt about four they all smell the same, or you happened to smell a perfume on someone else whafting by and thought ‘oh yes’, then chased them down the street in a desperate bid to find out what scent they’re wearing only to try it and realise it’s a ‘hell no’ on you.

So the best way to not splash the cash with regret, or ruining your sense of smell, is with a discover set and that’s exactly what I recently bought from New York born fragrance house Le Labo (coincidentally bought Estee Lauder in 2014)

I have to say for just £20 I can see why it’s one of Net-a-Porter’s global bestsellers.  I think it would make a great gift when you’re stuck for ideas, but ultimately it’s a brilliant way to get your hands on some lovely scents before committing to the eye watering price tags!  All that said I think I’ve found my new fragrance from the collection of five samples I received, now I’m just waiting for the perfect excuse to splurge on it.

Le Labo isn’t the only brand with a scent discovery set out there though, here are a few more that I came across whilst having a whizz around the world wide web.

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