Monday Musings – Beige is the new Black

Spring style is in full swing, even if the weather can’t make up it’s mind what season we should be dressing for right now, and if you hadn’t noticed there is one colour palette taking the new season by storm – beige.  That’s right, beige is currently the new black.  You’re meant to wear it in exactly the same way you would black, so that’s head to toe (I know it sounds scary) which is just as cool, chic and easy to pull off as it’s all year round, non-colour, colour cousin, black.

Not only is it one of the hottest ‘colours’ for spring/summer, but it also taps very nicely into another huge trend for the warmer months, utility.  Utilitarian styling comes round summer season after summer season, so the chances are you may already be able to tick off these two trends without hitting the shops and splashing the cash – get you?!  But if like me you love a new addition to your wardrobe every now and then, then there is plenty available to tempt you.

If you struggle putting outfits and colour coordinated looks together then easiest way to do top to toe beige and utilitarian chic, all in one fell swoop, is with a shirt dress or boilersuit (jumpsuit if you prefer).  You can then add your personality to the outfit with accessories, so belts, shoes, bags or jewellery.  If you’re brave and bold with your style you’re going to love playing with cargo pants or bermuda fit shorts, teamed with safari style jackets, layered over an oversized shirt.

This really is a dress up, dress down trend that is so well suited to the summer months but if you’re desperate to get your beige on right now though the key is to layer up, giving you style and warmth till the sun is here to stay.  And if you needed any more encouragement that this is one trend not to be missed this season, then just take a look at all this loveliness that’s on our high street right now.

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