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To say it’s been a while would be an understatement, it’s actually been 9, yes 9 months since my last Monday Muse.  I’m not one for excuses but there was a combination of things that stopped me posting, never the less I’m back with a bang and fabulous muse for you this Monday.

Now you may be aware that my Monday Muse normally makes an appearance on the first Monday of a new month, and yes, I am aware that today is Monday 30th, so technically not the start of our new month, but the Muse I have for you today has something really exciting going on shortly, and, I’m worried you could miss out on it going live if I don’t post today.

So, this story begins back in May when I was on holiday in Greece at a hotel where my fabulous Monday Muse also happened to be holidaying.  With both of us being Insta addicts and documenting our crazy family vacays, a mutual friend tagged us both in and said to look out for each other.  Unfortunately, our sun loungers were not aligned, but through the wonders of social media, I feel like we’ve been mates for a while now.

Today’s Muse is the hostess with the mostess, Lorna Hayward, who you may know better as Mrshhayward on instagram, or, the brains behind the phenomenal female get-togethers, PIZZUP.  She’s a busy mum to 3 charming kids, who definitely keeps it real whilst juggling her family and having some fun trying to maintain a sense of what her former childfree social life used to be.

She very kindly agreed to answer a few questions for me and to let you guys in on when the next PIZZUP knees-up is.  You gotta be quick to get these tickets, they sell faster than a bottle of prosecco on offer in Tesco (other supermarkets are available)!

1)Congratulations on your most recent PIZZUP event.  To quote Garge MC PSG, ‘If you don’t know you better get to know” so what is PIZZUP all about?

Excellent Garage quote there.

PIZZUP is a night out for women. I think possibly a year ago I would have just said mums, but it has evolved slightly and I would never want to exclude those women who have chosen not to have children, or can’t – but still want to enjoy a night off, and out with like-minded ladies in safe environment. There’s good food, a lotta booze and epic music. All under one roof and always with exclusivity of a venue – so we can all properly let loose. What started with me gathering 30 mum mates in South West London, has fast become a sell-out night (still south west, for now) for 450 women. It’s pretty bonkers.

2)And I see you have big plans for a Christmas version – CHRIZZUP.  Spill the beans, where, when and how?

I do, I do. Who doesn’t love a Christmas party and actually, many of the women I speak to and engage with (alongside my mates) don’t necessarily have a Christmas party, or if they do it’s alongside a much younger age group and it doesn’t really feel like it once did? So, with the number of ladies ever-growing who want to get a ticket, I thought I would go all out and host a proper Christmas knees up. PIZZUP Presents…CHRIZZUP will be on Thursday 19th December at the Clapham Grand. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday 3rd October (via a link in my Instagram Bio, and the PIZZUP Facebook page)

3)Obviously organising PIZZUP in the first instance was born out of the trials and tribulations of Motherhood.  How hard was it to put yourself out there to begin with?

I started a blog, called The Mumblings And I started to basically write (mostly on my commute into Soho, at the time) the innermost ramblings of my mind. I was going through a tough time mentally and writing really helped. There had been the rumblings of mums and mum bloggers talking much more candidly about motherhood and all the challenges that they faced but it was still fairly new. I had no audience as such, it was just my personal Instagram page (and still is, but just with 17,000 people following me now, gulp) and it very slowly and organically evolved as I shared my honest thoughts, and opinions on mental health, friendships, motherhood and more!

4)So come on, working with the hubs (James DJs at the PIZZUP events alongside some seriously cool, old skool garage names), how is that?

Honestly? It’s ok. I don’t think in any other capacity it would work BUT we both have a passion for music, and I have a passion for partying. Don’t get me wrong though – the lead up to PIZZZUP is always super stressful. Three kids, no sleep and trying to juggle working out set lists in the kitchen once the kids are in bed always provides the perfect fuel for an argument but it’s also always worth it. When we both watch the magic it feels pretty epic.

5)You’re an extremely busy mum of 3 and your kids always look super cute.  Where are your favourite places to shop for kids clothes?  And do you get a say in what they wear or have they now get their own sense of style?

I used to get a lot more say with the girls. Namely Elsie. Now it’s much more pinks, glittery ‘I want to wear a skirt mummy’ instead of the nice beige jumpsuit she’s got hanging stagnate in the wardrobe. Marnie loves wearing what Elsie is wearing, which also causes issues but I’ve told her that’s little sisters for you. In terms of shops, I love H&M (a fave of mine too) as it’s great value for money and Next. Sainsbury and George at Asda are great for a good supermarket bargain alongside some lovely Zara bits which I always ask for the girls for Christmas.

6)And as a super stylish, leopard print loving Mumma yourself where is most of your wardrobe from?

Wowsers! If you could see me typing this behind my laptop now in my leggings and a top stained with baby food and unwashed hair you’d think twice about that, BUT I’ll take the compliment. I honestly think 90% of my wardrobe is H&M. The other 20 is a mix of Newlook, ASOS and occasionally Zara. But H&M is 100% my go-to. Excellent accessories too!

7)You must be super organised juggling all the hats you wear (mum, wife, freelancer, PIZZUP hostess with the mostess) is there a secret motherhood formula or is winging it the best and only way?

I’d love to know if there is! I get massively overwhelmed at times and wonder how everyone else (funny how you perceive things isn’t it) has it all sussed. I used to work four days up in Soho, out the house by 7 and home by 6 and the balance wasn’t right, and now I’m around the house much more (mostly all the time) do drop off, pickups and manage the kids but I still don’t have the right balance. I’m genuinely not sure any of us do? I am good, most the time – at scheduling in time out with Jamie – having nights in the pub, or seeing girlfriends, because being in the company of good women is honestly the best therapy. Oh and speaking of which – therapy. I’m work in progress but up until recently (my therapist has been off long term sick and I’m missing her A LOT) I’ve had weekly/bi-weekly therapy and it’s been absolutely invaluable for me. I have to offload. I have to talk through my emotions and work with someone to manage them. I cannot do it alone. And that’s ok.

8)If you ever get 5 minutes to yourself what is your favourite way to spend it?

When it all gets too much, and I need some time out… I escape for an hour to my favourite past time…a pedicure. It’s the best! OR I go to my local pub and sit browsing daily mail showbiz with a glass of wine. Sometimes it’s only an hour in my own company and I can reset and enter back into the chaos.

9)What’s on the agenda for 2020 and the Hayward family.

Ooooh, well it’s safe to say that we never ever have a quiet year. Least we’ve not achieved it yet! More PIZZUP’s (I hope) a family holiday to look forward to, some festivals and hopefully a cheeky kid-free trip to Ibiza for Mr Hayward and I! (hopefully nanna is reading this!)

Tickets for CHRIZZUP go on Sale this Thursday 3rd Oct.  For more information head to Lornas’ Instagram page @Mrshhayward or her PIZZUP facebook page.

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