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Every now and then the fashion world creates a hybrid item of clothing, usually with a very odd name, like the skort (skirt at the front, shorts at the back) which will also not stand the test of time when it comes to wardrobe longevity.  BUT, the one hybrid worth the hype, and has been hanging around for a few seasons now is the shacket.  It’s not hard to break this one down, it’s not a shirt and it’s not a jacket but it does the job of both in one item and is a godsend during the weird transitional period.

The switch from summer wardrobe an autumn-winter one is hard, and the easiest way to ease into a full clothing change over is to up your layering game.  You can leave the house in the morning whilst it’s dark and cold only to need your sunglasses by lunchtime and then a scarf on the way home. The shacket is perfect for this time of year when you need something lightweight that works as outerwear but, can also double up as a shirt in its own right if we experience a blast of warm weather again.

You may already own a khaki version, this was very popular last season and become a bit of a festival fashion staple due to its versatility in the style stakes.  This season is going crazy for checks.  Yep that 90s lumberjack look you wore the first time around is most definitely back but looking better than ever.

The high street is full of fun colourways, textures and added extras, take a peek at the Zara one below that cleverly combines fringed detailing too.  But if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the women’s sections don’t be scared to borrow from the boys, like this classic version from M&Co menswear, especially if you love your outerwear oversized.

Here are a few more of my high street favs.

M&S, Miss Selfridge, M&Co

Zara, V by Very, Missguided


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