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Style Social

If I was to tell you about an event where you could mix style advice with an evening of socialising you'd want to go, right?  Well as it happens I am hosting an event on Wednesday 1st November that offers just that and I'd love you to come! As a personal stylist people often believe your services are beyond their reach and only available to celebrities and the very wealthy, but that's not true.  Style Social is an opportunity to access my skills and knowledge (ahem) at an intimate group event.  I'll give you tips and tricks on to help you edit and detox your wardrobe, including that difficult decision about what to chuck, keep and give to charity.  I will then talk you through a gorgeous array of gorgeous items that every wardrobe needs to help making your clothing work harder all year round. On top of that the event is in a beautiful hot yoga studio that you're welcome to have a snoop around, all finished off with a glass of bubble in hand.  So don't be shy, bring a friend or come alone, but if fashion and friends are your thing then the evening is one not to be missed. You can purchase a ticket here for £10 on Eventbrite or please get in touch if you would like some more information. Wednesday 1st November, 7PM in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.                   

V is for Vinyl

My love for leather is deep.  As you may know from one of last weeks’ posts I’m currently trying to track down the perfect pair of leather pants to compliment my winter wardrobe but, there is another material that has recently turned the heads and hearts fashions’ most fashionable and that is vinyl. Last autumn/winter […]

Next Level

I’ve recently started ‘vlogging’ I use the term loosely as the videos are fairly basic and always filmed in the bathroom as it tends to be the one place I get time to myself and it’s normally the tidiest room in the house! The videos started out as quick snippets showing bits and pieces from […]

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