Autumn Winter 14

Have you been shopping recently? If so you may have noticed how the massive sale sections have now dwindled and are neatly tucked into a corner somewhere, and you are now greeted by what is the first hit of Autumn Winter, or better known as ‘Trans’, short for transitional and that odd point in the […]

Slide to the Left.

It was my Birthday yesterday, one of my favourite times of year – of course! I was spoilt rotten, you’re never too old for cards, presents and Facebook messages. I’m normally fairly particular about gifts, I personally like to try and buy people something they really want, so when it comes to presents for me […]

Cool as a Kimono 👘

Waking up to a day as wet as this one makes me think about the incredible sunshine we had last Friday, and the fact I was being able to enjoy what was the hottest day of the 2014 so far, whilst being with a group of my best friends at London’s Wireless festival. Festivals are […]

Skype Style SOS

How many times have you stood in a changing room wishing that you had a friend with you to give an honest opinion on the outfit you’re about to buy, or panicking when you rummage through your wardrobe hoping to find something in the next 5 minutes because your date is about to knock on […]

Return of the Moss

That’s right, on the 30th April the long awaited return of Kate Moss for Topshop will launch in stores, online and via Net-a-Porter. It’s been three years since her last collection for Topshop, who knows why it went on hold but I’m quite excited to see it return. This collection is less about Kate designing […]

Coachella is Coming!!

The festival season is about to kick off in style. I don’t think there is any festival that combines music and fashion better than Coachella. Ok, so it’s not easy for everyone to access like V, Wireless or T in the Park because it’s held over in the US of A, and more specifically California, […]

Back to Back…Pack

That’s right ladies, the new bag du jour is the backpack. We’re not talking the big old rucksacks that you probably carried your school books in, oh no, it’s much sleeker and sophisticated in style. The trailblazers are of course 3.1 Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang But if you don’t have a spare £900 to […]

So What Is It You Actually Do?!

…This is a question I get asked quite a lot when I tell people I’m a personal stylist and shopper. Often people think it’s a service that is reserved for the uber rich or celebrities, but more and more people are starting to realise that working with someone like me can be really useful in […]

Pretty in Pink

So, you may or may not have realised that pastels are huge for spring/summer! These sugary shades have been on the radar since last year and were a bit of a hit over the both seasons. Makes a nice contrast to all the black and grunge thats been going on. Basically if you didn’t buy […]

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