How to do Denim

I do denim all the time and I mean nearly every day. Not that long ago denim was kept to your weekend wardrobe and now it’s almost acceptable as your every day wardrobe, depending on your job, occasion etc – you know what I mean though, and season after season it gets stronger with this spring/summer being […]

Doing the Do with Denim

How do you do denim?  I do it pretty much every single day! It’s the probably the basis of almost every outfit I wear, regardless of season.  In the winter of course it’s jeans or a denim shirt, Spring time a denim jacket and when that summer sun is shining or it’s time to visit […]

Jump to it

The jumpsuit, probably the one item in your wardrobe that men don’t seem to understand but women love and lust after.  I guarantee you always get a compliment from another female when you head out in a jumpsuit. Over the last few years the jumpsuit has gone from being strictly weekend wear, to an everyday […]

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