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Maxed Out

When it comes to bottoms, and I mean the kind you put on over your legs to cover your actual bottom, you’re either a trousers or a skirt kinda girl.  I definitely have both legs firmly in the trouser camp, but when it comes to summer styling and the warmer weather I relent of course […]

Colour Me Bad

Happy sunny Monday you gorgeous lot, well, more like happy Monday, not so much of that sunny stuff anymore, typical on the first day of Spring, but fear not, I am about to bring some sunshine to your day! Last week I was working with a friend who was searching for a dress to wear […]

Going Grey

Going grey, not up top, although I am and have been since I was about 13 years old, trouble with being a brunette, anyway I’m talking what we wear not hair.  I LOVE grey, all 50 shades of it and it’s started to filter down through the family.  The hubs has always been a little […]

How to do Dungarees

How to do dungarees.  Do you even ‘do’ dungarees?  If you don’t you really are missing out, honestly, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.  I was skeptical at first because I ‘did’ dungarees the first time around, I’m talking before I was 10 years old, probably more like 5 years old, but they are […]

Saturday night Style

Last Saturday I had a date in my diary that I’d been looking forward to for ages, brunch with the girls. Now, knowing this afternoon rendez vous would involve lots of mimosas, it was also more than likely to turn from early afternoon date into evening of fun and of course it did, which meant […]

Secret Shopper

Hello, my name is Josie and I’m a secret shopper!  There, it’s out there, I’ve said it, I just hope the hubs is too busy today to read this post.  To be completely honest we are all secret shoppers at some point, don’t tell me that you haven’t given him the old ‘What?  This old […]

Sock it to 'em

Socks! Not the most exciting item of fashion, well not in my mind and I don’t mind telling you that my sock draw is absolutely terrible!  The last time I had new pair of socks was courtesy my friend (thank you Annabelle) on the Accessories Buying Team.  That was in my last role before I had […]

Girl Gang

When you put an outfit on how often does your other half pull a funny face?  Do you know the one?  The slightly turned up nose, the furrowed brow and almost a smirk that you’ve got it so wrong and he thinks he knows better!  It’s fairly common in our household, I’m immune to it […]

Stripe Hype

So the sales are coming to an end and the shops are filling up with exciting newness, although the sale rail for me is always most exciting when it nears the end of it’s life, it’s where I always manage to hunt out some super bargains. The new collections floating around are transitional pieces, you […]

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