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Colour Me Bad

Happy sunny Monday you gorgeous lot, well, more like happy Monday, not so much of that sunny stuff anymore, typical on the first day of Spring, but fear not, I am about to bring some sunshine to your day! Last week I was working with a friend who was searching for a dress to wear […]

Woven Wonders

Happy Monday peeps and it most definitely is a happy one because the sun has been shining – long may it last! The sunshine links nicely to today’s post because there is a high chance that you already have one of these lovely items hiding in your wardrobe, maybe packed away with your holiday outfits, […]

Going Grey

Going grey, not up top, although I am and have been since I was about 13 years old, trouble with being a brunette, anyway I’m talking what we wear not hair.  I LOVE grey, all 50 shades of it and it’s started to filter down through the family.  The hubs has always been a little […]

How to do Detail

How to do details, specifically embroidery details, which are huge at the moment and everywhere across our fabulous high street. The devil is in the detail, so they say, meaning something that may look fairly simple at first actually has much, much more to it, and for me more is most definitely more, especially when […]

How to do Dungarees

How to do dungarees.  Do you even ‘do’ dungarees?  If you don’t you really are missing out, honestly, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.  I was skeptical at first because I ‘did’ dungarees the first time around, I’m talking before I was 10 years old, probably more like 5 years old, but they are […]

Breton's Best

Stripes, I’m not talking any old stripe but specifically the breton stripe.  I’ve written a couple of stripe focused posts in the past which have been driven by the trend for big, bold stripes in varying colours and sizes, you can read the most recent here Stripe Hype if you want, but for now we’re back to […]

Skype Style SOS

How many times have you stood in a changing room wishing that you had a friend with you to give an honest opinion on the outfit you’re about to buy, or panicking when you rummage through your wardrobe hoping to find something in the next 5 minutes because your date is about to knock on […]

So What Is It You Actually Do?!

…This is a question I get asked quite a lot when I tell people I’m a personal stylist and shopper. Often people think it’s a service that is reserved for the uber rich or celebrities, but more and more people are starting to realise that working with someone like me can be really useful in […]

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